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Many people feel that 'High Street' estate agents are very expensive, typically charging "full management" rates of 15% or "let only" rates of 10%. You could expect to be charged extra for the tenancy agreement and inventory, and duties over and above what would be considered standard management of the property i.e. overseeing major constructions and works of this nature.

We offer a high quality lettings agency service at an extremely attractive price.

Although we do not have a high street office we offer the complete lettings agency service; advertising, viewings, referencing and all other activities carried out by an established agent.

We are full members of the Property Redress Service, offering you a high level of protection. We run a fully ringfenced Client Account for all landlord and tenant funds and carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We have many years' property letting experience - our directors have been personally involved in buying, selling and renting out properties since 2000, and continue to manage a portfolio of rental properties on a day-to-day basis. This means that we can help you establish and manage your tenancy whether you are a new landlord with your first buy-to-let property or you are an experienced landlord with an extensive property portfolio.

Why do I need an agent to let my property?

There are many private landlords successfully letting their own properties. Having a property to let and finding someone who wishes to rent it may appear simple and possibly is. Unfortunately, the matter does not end there. The professional agent will have experience in marketing property, selecting the right tenant, taking up essential references, advising on the standard of the property, advising on all safety aspects, drawing up tenancy agreements under the Housing Act 1988 or otherwise, creating inventories and schedules of condition, changing of services to tenant’s names and ensuring receipt of cleared funds. Once a tenant has possession of a property, it is too late to decide that you may have accepted the wrong person.

Click here for a useful article in Landlord & Buy-to-Let magazine entitled "Who Needs Agents?"

Click here for an article in the Daily Telegraph 17th April 2010 about using a managing agent.

Why do I need my property managed in my absence?

Landlords often consider that their parents or a friendly neighbour will be able to manage their property as they know contractors for maintenance. This, however, is by no means the only concern. Letting the property is one area and management is another. This involves demanding and collecting rent on a regular basis and ensuring that rent continues to be paid for the duration of the tenancy; visiting the property on a regular basis to ensure that the tenants are taking care and checking for any general maintenance which might be required; arranging maintenance matters, surveillance of contractors and settlement of accounts; renewals of tenancies; advising on tax matters and allowances. Assuming that the tenancy runs smoothly the managing agent will be well able to deal with the above matters. The professional agent will know how to deal with problem tenants who perhaps wish to make deductions from the rent, do not pay the rent at all or who will not leave at the appropriate time.

What services do Edward Ellis & Co offer?

We offer a full management service, a rent management service, a "let only" service for landlords who only require an agent to find and reference prospective tenants, and a DIY service for landlords who wish to find their own tenants. Full details of these services follow:-

1. Full Management Service: £100-£250 tenant find + 8%-12% monthly rent

We offer a full management service which requires no day-to-day involvement from the landlord. We advertise for a suitable tenant, deal with all the required referencing and legal agreements, maintain the property and collect the rent. At the end of the tenancy we conclude the formal arrangements.

We do not charge a transfer fee if you are already using another agent and you wish to transfer to Edward Ellis & Co..

For large landlord portfolios we offer substantial discounts - please contact us for details.

2. Let and Rent Collection Service: £100-£250 tenant find + 4%-8% monthly rent

This service suits landlords who require an agent to find and reference prospective tenants and collect the rent and suits landlords who live close to the property and are happy to handle the day-to-day affairs.

We do not charge a transfer fee if you are already using another agent and you wish to transfer to Edward Ellis & Co..

For large landlord portfolios we offer substantial discounts - please contact us for details.

3. Let Only Service: 3 weeks' rent

This service suits landlords who only require an agent to find and reference prospective tenants.

We offer a discount to those landlords who are happy to show prospective tenants around their property, reducing our initial fee to 50% of 1 month's rent.

4. DIY Service

Some landlords prefer to find their own tenants.

We are happy to reference, draft a Tenancy Agreement and check-in these tenants for a one-off fee of £100.

We are also happy to take over the management of an existing tenancy, or manage a tenancy where the landlord has found a tenant. There is no initial fee in these circumstances.

Full details of our services and our terms and conditions are included in our Landlord's Lettings Agreement

Many agents charge a large administration fee and delapidations deposit (typically 6 weeks' rent) to the applicant. This makes the property very expensive in the first month, and encourages applicants to seek property through private advertising where charges are often lower. We recommend a delapidations deposit of no more than 1 month's rent, and we charge a modest administration and referencing fee of only £199 per property.

Alternatively, for those tenants unable or unwilling to pay a deposit, we can arrange a guarantor to protect the landlord in the event of any default by the tenant. The tenant fees for this are a modest £299 per property.

These charges are not currently subject to VAT.

“We’ll treat your property as if we owned it”

Miles Moseley,

Managing Director

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